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Men (and women) who wake from the slumber of humanity, progress to a spiritual consciousness of all that is good. They traverse the hero's journey, deal with the dross of their character and personality, formulate a mission to serve their fellow travelers in this realm, and dedicate their lives to spiritual progress. They leave behind the baggage of hate, discontent, judgment, resentment, addiction, anger, depression, and fear. They lessen the hold of ego. They infuse their souls and their lives with love, acceptance, integrity, humility, positive values, and the spiritual virtues. They come to know who they are and why they are here. They awaken!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Our language has an abundance of words about spirituality, yet a paucity of understanding.  Humankind often misses the essentials of what spirituality means, what it encompasses, and how it manifests on this plane of existence.  We see great confusion among the many competing religions of the world, a war of words and actual wars that rage and destroy our unity as a human species.  We call each other “evil” and curse others to hell, all in the name of our righteousness, indignity, and pride.  We manifest egoism instead of humility.

Our judgments and behaviors belie the compassion that humanity and all concepts of spirituality call us to practice.  We deny the oneness that many teach, we live our lives in a hell of our own devices, and we ignore the elements of spirituality that ultimately we must adopt to ensure the survival of the human race.

The principles of living in this human milieu while practicing our brand of spirituality are simple, and they form the basis of what Eckhart Tolle writes, a new world.  Unfortunately, our lives in this human existence often lead us astray of our merged humanity and spirituality.  We focus on the negative in our world and ignore the positive.  We decry the daily news of wars, pestilence, and inhumanity among us, yet we contribute to them daily.  Our sense of peace becomes shattered and scattered, and reassembling the pieces seems a monumental and overwhelming task. 

If you question these things, then this is the time to review your approach to living.  As a matter of fact, it is a good time for the seven billion people on earth to renew the task of spirituality, and it is the perfect time for you to look within yourself with deep honesty.  The time has come for you to question your worn out concepts and useless beliefs, and to renew your humanness and spirit. Whether you believe in a god or not, it would be good to question your belief system.  The rewards are manifold.  A renewed approach to the way you live, interact, behave, and believe will benefit you beyond your wildest dreams.  Furthermore, it will benefit humankind in the long run.

Two psychologists define spirit as “the essential core of the individual, the deepest part of the self, and one’s involving human essence.”[1]  They define spirituality as “the continuous journey people take to discover and realize their essential selves.”  In this section of my blog, I attempt to overcome the “paucity of words” and provide some ideas that can guide you as you re-evaluate your values, beliefs, meaning, purpose, and behaviors.  I try to keep it simple.  These are all part of what I call “spirituality”.  And remember, you must define IT for yourself.  Take what you like and leave the rest.

-- Pete

[1] Pargament, K.I., & Sweeney, P.J.  (2011).  Building spiritual fitness in the army.  American Psychologist, 47, 1102-1104.

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