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Men (and women) who wake from the slumber of humanity, progress to a spiritual consciousness of all that is good. They traverse the hero's journey, deal with the dross of their character and personality, formulate a mission to serve their fellow travelers in this realm, and dedicate their lives to spiritual progress. They leave behind the baggage of hate, discontent, judgment, resentment, addiction, anger, depression, and fear. They lessen the hold of ego. They infuse their souls and their lives with love, acceptance, integrity, humility, positive values, and the spiritual virtues. They come to know who they are and why they are here. They awaken!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I had three experiences this past week that, as I think about them, turned me inside out and upside down.  I love that, because such experiences turbo-boost my journey! 

It started with a wonderful dinner with two friends of recent years who are moving to Toronto.  I like to pontificate about my spiritual beliefs because I believe them, and because I think others need this information.  I experienced my wife nudging me under the dinner table as our friends started to glaze over when I spewed forth my viewpoints about consciously co-creating the world in cooperation with the intelligent cosmos, or some such esoteric gobbledygook.

The second experience was when my anam cara[1] confronted me with this question: “How do you know all that, any more than some other person thinks they know the truth?”  I heard it as, “You can be no more sure about your own beliefs than another person.”  My initial reaction was, “Ouch!”

All this led me to question my beliefs, which is good.  I realized that she was not questioning my beliefs, but rather my projections onto other people, to wit: “I have the answer to life, the universe, and everything, and they need this understanding.”  It led me to see how I pontificate from my ego, and how I compromise my goal of humility coupled with wisdom.

The third experience involved dealing with a man I know who occasionally talks cryptically about some mysterious set of experiences and encounters he has had during his life.  My confusion reigns when I try to decipher his gobbledygook, but I found, gratefully, that he is a mirror to me.  I often go into “flights of fancy” while avoiding the real issues, deep feelings, and connection with others.

The awakening man understands that what may be his essential understanding may be gibberish to another, and that is OK.  He does not judge another person's belief system because it is sacred.  He does not force his beliefs on others, either by monopolizing the conversation or lopping off his head.  However, like a sensei, he shares his truth and asks deep questions when invited.  He blesses when he can...

May you have -
Walls for the wind,
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
And those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire.
     - Celtic blessing
[1] Anam cara – “soul friend”.  Refer to the book of the same name by John O’Donohue.

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  1. I just love esoteric gobbledygook! I also think that we enjoy as much certainty about our spiritual beliefs as we do about the existence of garden fairies...or Santa's elves for that matter.