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Men (and women) who wake from the slumber of humanity, progress to a spiritual consciousness of all that is good. They traverse the hero's journey, deal with the dross of their character and personality, formulate a mission to serve their fellow travelers in this realm, and dedicate their lives to spiritual progress. They leave behind the baggage of hate, discontent, judgment, resentment, addiction, anger, depression, and fear. They lessen the hold of ego. They infuse their souls and their lives with love, acceptance, integrity, humility, positive values, and the spiritual virtues. They come to know who they are and why they are here. They awaken!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I spent a good portion of my life without a Mission.  Oh, I had many other missions (small “m”) that I adopted at different points in my life.  Most of these had to do with material wealth or ego wealth.  Some dealt with the focus of the season or the decade.  Example: Grow my career so I can make more money so I can buy stuff so I can be “happy”.  It was not until I was 60, at the start of my awakening, that I formed a Mission.

A Mission is described in a short statement describing a lifelong dream or pursuit that comes from the soul.  It is the dream for yourself and your world that awakens you in the morning and enlivens you in your waking hours.  Mission is about creating a perfect world in some area.  It fills your thoughts throughout your day.  It motivates you in every action and encounter.  It gives meaning and purpose to life. 

A Mission may never be complete by the time life ends, but you know in your heart that you are traveling the right road for your life, that you are living in mission.  It is not selfish but instead reaches out to others and the world. 

A Mission can be nebulous (promote world peace) or specific (counsel others to help them overcome addiction).  You can change or morph your Mission, but not often, and not whimsically, nor if the way becomes difficult.  Furthermore, you can create mini-missions (small “m”) that need addressing at various points in your life’s journey.  An example is to raise your children with awe and respect for nature and animals.

Workshops, seminars, or vision quests can help you formulate your Mission[1].  This is not something to undertake lightly or alone.  A Mission statement includes how you hope to fulfill it through actions you will take.  Example: I create a perfect world of enlightened individuals by teaching soul values.  Notice how this is structured.  It start with the phrase, “I create a perfect world”, it states the subject of the mission, and it identifies how to fulfill it (using the word “by”).

I have a Mission that sets the tenor of my life.  “I create a perfect world of peace by speaking, writing, coaching, and being peace.”

What is a “perfect” world for you?  Is it about helping others, saving the earth, being kind to animals, teaching truths, spreading peace, motivating, loving?  What gets you up in the morning and sets the tone for your living a fulfilled life each day?  Have you written your Mission on paper and in your life?

[1] I created my Mission statement in 2006 at a New Warrior Training Adventure sponsored by The Mankind Project (www.mkp.org).

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